Britannia Heights Veterinary Clinic

2579 Carling Avenue,
Ottawa, ON K2B 7H7


Great News - We now have an Open Foyer Policy

Current Hours: 8:30am-5pm Monday to Friday (Closed Saturday/Sunday)

To our Valued Customers, 

We are excited to report that we now have an Open Foyer Policy.

Our front door is unlocked and we invite our clients to enter our clinic foyer to drop off/pick up their pet,   talk to the Veterinarian, pick up food/medications and to process invoices. Our goal is to offer our clients and their pets some shelter with the incoming cold, wet, winter months while still maintaining a safe  environment for our staff.

Please continue to call first when your arrive for your appointment, we will start the triaging questions over the phone. Our technician will then invite you inside to drop off your pet. We ask that only one family member accompany your pet to their appointment.

You may be seated in our foyer in one of the designated Appointment Waiting Seats while you wait for your pet,     the Veterinarian will join you to discuss any appointment findings. If you prefer to wait in your car that is completely acceptable, we simply ask that you watch the door as the Receptionist will need you to step inside the foyer to process the invoice and the Veterinarian may also need you to step inside to discuss your pet's appointment  findings.

Please remember Facial Coverings are mandatory, we will keep hand sanitizer readily available in the foyer for client use.

Thank you for your continued patience and kindness.

Stay well, stay safe.