Trusted West Ottawa Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Animals age much faster than we do. It's vital to their long-term health to stay up to date regarding the many quickly changing phases in the life of a pet. At Britannia Heights Vet Clinic, our compassionate and attentive veterinary team will deliver annual wellness exams for your cats and dogs. We strive to detect issues and complications before it spreads or becomes more complex.

We've proudly served the city of Ottawa with reliable veterinary wellness exams and procedures for years. Our practice is a privately owned establishment with a high standard of care, offering all services in both English and Persian. Our trusted vet clinic features advanced diagnostic prowess, and our team provides a seasoned bedside manner to keep your pets safe and stress-free during all services. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!


Our Extensive Approach to Pet Wellness Visits

We employ a comprehensive approach to wellness visits in the pursuit of optimal health and well-being for your pet. When your cat or dog receives an annual wellness exam from our team, they will be thoroughly checked from head to tail. We will run bloodwork and fecal examinations for added awareness of all possible factors contributing to their health. Your pet wellness exam may include:

  • Full Body Physical Exam
  • Dental Exam
  • Bloodwork
  • Fecal Examinations
  • Vaccination Status
  • Deworming Check
  • Flea & Tick Check & Prevention

The Benefits of Annual Wellness Exams for Your Pet

As a caring pet parent, it pays to have a proactive approach to your animal's health. Often times your cat or dog may seem perfectly fine on a surface level but have developing underlying conditions. Taking preventive measures is an important and responsible step to keeping your pet's health in good standing rather than dealing with issues and complications later. Here are some benefits of receiving annual wellness checks from our experienced veterinarians:

  • Identifying & Preventing Health Issues: Wellness exams will work to detect health complications like underlying diseases and parasites, while vaccinations serve to prevent viruses like rabies and parvovirus.
  • Following the Law: Various states, providences, and jurisdictions require pets to be vaccinated to some degree. Even indoor pets are susceptible to dangerous viruses and diseases. Additionally, if you try to board your animal at a shelter or pet hotel, you will need proof of vaccination.
  • Keeping Your Family Safe: Various animal diseases and viruses can pass to humans. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to the transmission of disease as their immune system isn't as strong as in adults. Getting your pets examined and vaccinated not only assists the health of your animal but potentially your entire family.

Pet Wellness Visits FAQ

If your pet isn't acting like themselves, or you just feel it's time for a routine checkup, our passionate veterinary team is ready to address your questions and concerns upon arrival. Some frequently asked questions regarding pet wellness visits include the following:

Do kittens and puppies need wellness exams?

Yes. Their immune systems are less mature than their adult counterparts, making them more susceptible to infection and disease. We can take this time to administer foundational vaccinations essential for keeping them happy, healthy, and disease-free for the foreseeable future.

Determining a red blood cell count tells our veterinarians if your pet has anemia or suffers from other related disorders. A blood test will also inform our team regarding their white blood cell count, which could indicate disease or infection if too low. Additionally, we can measure organ function, hormone levels, and electrolyte status through this procedure.

If your pet is due for any vaccinations at the time of the wellness visit, we can provide what is needed. If you aren't sure whether your pet is ready for a booster, we will evaluate their situation and status and provide the answers you seek.

Reliable & Efficient Ottawa Pet Wellness Exams

At Britannia Heights Vet Clinic, we are dedicated to treating your pets with tender care and compassion while ensuring they have a bright, healthy future ahead of them. We will welcome you and your pet into our caring, high-tech office, where we will provide them with a thorough wellness visit, delivering valuable information to you. Our veterinarians will do everything in their power to ensure your pet feels safe and treated like family without ever skimping on the effective treatments working to improve and maintain their quality of life.

We look forward to meeting your adorable pets and providing an opportunity to openly discuss their health in detail, working to chart a course for a lifetime of happiness and wellness. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!



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