Tick Information

Video #1 - What does a tick look like?

Video #2:  Should I check my pet for ticks?

Video #3:  What about "natural" tick control products?

Video #4:  How do I find out what preventative is best for my pet?

Video #5:  Where can my pet get ticks?

Video #6:  Is my dog or cat at risk for ticks in my own backyard?

Video #7:  What is the best way to remove a tick?

Video #8:  Do cats get ticks?

Video #9:  What are the signs of Lyme Disease in my dog?

Video #10:  What are the common tick species that we find on dogs and cats in Canada?

Video #11:  How do ticks develop from eggs into adults?

Video #12:  When are ticks active?


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